• Globule Bleu is acreative communication agency.

  • Our approach is focused on the efficiency and coherenceof the message to be delivered, for use on mobile, web and print media.

  • Our best weapons: lateral thinking, a global vision, respecting commitments.And humour.


Reassessing ourselves each day

to renew our perspective of your projects and of production techniques.


to trends, opinions and user experiences.

Gaining experience

all the more rich from one project to another.

(Raising) A smile

a benefit to the pleasantness of projects.


user behaviour & and action returns.

Taking pleasure

in our achievements and our relations.


to our commitments.

Oops, there's a gap there

It's not a gap, it's a way to let the design breathe.

Fredéric SchluntzLead Developer

The technique is not everything. But it helps. Especially when it's well done.

Tom GlückmannArt Direktor

First of all, you need an idea. Nothing will ever replace a strong, good idea... A concept, as pretty as it can be is just an empty shell without a good idea (but a rather lovely shell!).

Nicolas DiscryTeam Leader

The success of a misson also depends on the quality of the relationship. Good dialogue and good planning, that's half of the success.

Nos valeurs

  • Commitment


    The commitment of each team member to the company, its customers and its projects. The mission of each member is to give the best of him or herself, on both a personal and professional level. Respecting our commitments is a fundamental element recognised and appreciated by our customers and partners.

  • Excellence


    Excellence of projects delivered in order to obtain optimal customer satisfaction, positive word of mouth and professional recognition.

  • Pleasure


    The pleasure of the team members, thanks to a fulfilling work environment and atmosphere. Customers’ pleasure thanks to an irreproachable quality of service. The company’s and group’s pleasure thanks to the quality of its projects and the results achieved.

  • Growth


    Our customers’ growth, thanks to the high performance communication tools provided and projects with meaning, at a fair price. The company’s growth, which is both the basis and the sense of our approach.

Our Method AGILE & SPOC

Our method is based on an AGILE approach. This approach aims to offer maximum responsiveness and satisfaction to a customer involved at the very hub of its project.

Flexibility, communication and listening are at the heart of the process, managed from start to finish by a single person.

Globule is organised into 3 distinct production teams. Your SPOC manages one of these cells, a veritable mini-agency dedicated to the mission.

This multi-tasking team is capable of ensuring missions at a sprinter’s pace or over a marathon distance.

Our missions are divided into different sprints. At the end of the mission, evaluating the objectives accomplished is an important part of the process.

Certified Charte eTIC BENELUX
Certified Drupal Association Organization Member

Globule bleu in the past

We were founded in 2001, thanks to the vision of Dominique and Johann.

Our everyday existence draws from the continuing trust of our customers, the creativity of the projects produced, and the positive spirit and talent of each globule.

We will be here for a long time to come, thanks to the quality of our work and the solidity of the Proximedia group, the leading digital communication group in Belgium.

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