May 2016


Overhaul of the Efficy CRM identity. Efficy, the only gamified CRM system in the world, bets big on fun and a distinctive identity in the usually bare-bones world of CRM. Its identity needs to reflect the flexibility of this open-source solution, as well as its "smart" and flexible side compared with industry blockbusters.


Logo creation, brochures, venue branding, motion design, goodies.


Globule was tasked with coming up with the perfect identity for Efficy’s values and qualities.

It was about creating an identity, but also about weaving a story to go hand-in-hand with the new image, which fits in naturally with the company’s graphic elements and day-to-day activities.


Technical, fast, flexible, smart, human. And linked to CRM.

The project’s keywords quickly led to the birth of the little green bathyscaphe. Much more flexible than the lumbering giants of the sector. Packed with tools and gizmos. Fast and capable of getting inside every nook and cranny.

Furthermore, a bathyscaphe takes you underwater. It lets you explore the hidden side of data. It scratches the surface of data to make the most of your client relations thanks to Efficy.

The smartest and most flexible solution to explore data under the surface and make the most of your client relations.


03The Globule touch

Creation of a fun, dynamic world where fantasy is real and everything is possible…

Proposal for a “ready-made” identity which spans the day-to-day activities of Efficy based on internal terminology inspired by the marine world.

Goodies, T-shirts, pens, notepads… and tea bags with a picture of the little bathyscaphe.

Print media

04Customer satisfaction

Immediate support for the new identity, together with a fresh impulse.
Branding of the entire premises in Brussels for a guaranteed “wow” effect on the teams and clients who come regularly to attend training.
Impact of the new identity and business media.

Efficy means adaptibility.
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