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December 2016


Creation of an original New Year event with the spotlight on Proximedia's various branches in Europe. Tight budget.


Website, mailing, social networks.


Based on a far-reaching briefing, Globule had to define a concept which puts the spotlight on the clients and trade of the Proximedia Group, which is present in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

We took stock of the needs described by the Group’s clients and came to the idea of engagement.
Clients want greater engagement and more clicks on their sites, videos and Google AdWords advertisements.
The concept of engagement also reflects the Group’s attitude towards its clients and societal action.


“Every click counts” puts the spotlight on the concepts of clicking and engagement.
Clicking as many times as possible in 10 seconds to fill up Father Christmas’s sack, and then clicking again to find the presents spread across a “Proximedia” town.

Clicking is never done in vain: this game turns each click into a donation to UNICEF.
The aim was to raise €10,000 (i.e. a million clicks on the platform) in a few days.
Proximedia made the donation to UNICEF on behalf of the Group’s clients.

Every click counts. Every click on a website, a newsletter or a Google Adwords advertisement means greater client engagement and, therefore, more sales.

3d isometric

03The Globule touch

In order to tackle this technical challenge in just 3 weeks, Globule teams created an isometric 3D universe packed with animations and friendly characters (penguins, reindeer and townsfolk).

A motion-design animation describes the concept behind the project and sets out the issues at stake.

All developments were done with HTML and JavaScript (Canvas/CreateJS).

Thanks to the client’s full confidence, Globule was in charge of the artistic direction of the project, with an impressive surprising effect and a very positive dynamic.

Graphic elements

04Customer satisfaction

The opportunity to benefit from a positive, dynamic and philanthropic action shared with the entire client base.

Full involvement of all group clients, who were invited to participate, click and share for the benefit of UNICEF. A simple, fast, fun and philanthropic action.

Communication of the same message for all Group branches in each country.

Launch website
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