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AIDS Prevention Platform


February 2012


Landing website for print adverstising campaign


Strategy, webdesign, motion design, development, SEO


To create a landing page for the poster campaign of aids prevention association ASBL Prévention Sida.

Site mission: to act as an extension of the message put across: “With who, when and where you want, but always with protection”.

At the end, they receive an ‘evaluation’ depending on the choices they have made.


Implementation of a web platform enabling the visitor to choose different parameters used to develop his or her personal ‘sex tape’.

The user has to choose his or her profile, partner, the place they want to do it and how they want to do it.

A condom distributor is available if they wish.

At the end, they receive an ‘evaluation’ depending on the choices they have made.



03The Globule touch

Creation of the concept, based on the campaign message (with who, when and where you want).

The ‘no taboos’ aesthetic of the project and creation of many design components.

Shyness or creativity? It is up to the user to define whether the rabbits, chicks and kittens are there to act as a diversion.

The humour of the loader also bears the Globule style.


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04Customer satisfaction

At the very start of the poster campaign, the site was visited en masse by its target.

The visit figures for the site were 5 times higher than for previous campaigns, essentially thanks to sharing via Facebook.

The platform will be prolonged for an extra year and Globule will be in charge of the elements for the print campaign as well as TV and radio adverts in late 2013.

5X visitors on the website than previous advertising campaigns. Virality thanks to creativity.

Launch website
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