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NGO Iles de Paix


February 2012


Landing website for print adverstising campaign


Strategy, webdesign, motion design, development, SEO


Dope Award


To promote development aid via a “viral” (if possible) digital project. The message to be communicated: certain spontaneous aid is well-intended, but is lacking in efficiency due to the lack of structure. If you want to help efficiently, it is better to use existing structures.

In addition to the ‘gaming’ aspect, the player receives factual information on the countries concerned.


Creation of an original Serious Game based on the reality in the field of the NGO Iles de Paix. Using a virtual budget, the player is invited to “test himself/herself in the field”, in 5 countries that benefit from targeted aid. In this way, the player realises that certain aid is “useless” and that it is better to adopt a local and sustainable point of view for greater efficiency.

The virtual budget is attributed according to the player’s amount of friends on Facebook. The number of friends is multiplied by the annual average of donations in Belgium (127).


In addition to the ‘gaming’ aspect, the player receives factual information on the countries concerned and more importantly an assessment of his or her action, in accordance to the choices made during the game.



03The Globule touch

Creation of ‘refined’ aesthetics, which is rare in this type of project. Each detail, each object to be bought virtually has been created especially for the occasion.


The user experience is maximised thanks to Motion Design and transition effects.


The viral nature is maximised thanks to certain “trick” items that create astonishing statuses on the wall of the player. A message like “Maurice has just bought a breeding bull in Mali” will inevitably trigger reactions and clicks among Maurice’s friends…


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04Customer satisfaction

As soon as it was published on-line, Valueyourfriends was acclaimed by its target.

The agency’s relations with certain influential bloggers also gave impetus to the project, which soon found its target public, but especially benefitted from unexpected media exposure: the written press, radio (the ‘La Première’ and ‘Pure FM’ stations), television (the ‘No Limit’ and ‘Sans Chichi’ programmes) and even the TV news on ‘La Une’ (Belgium’s first public TV channel) talked about

The project won the FWA ‘Site of the Day’ award and a Dope Award.

Maurice has just bought a breeding bull in Mali.

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